About Playing

The goal of the OGSA is to provide every girl with the opportunity to play softball in a fun and safe environment, and at the same time learn the fundamental skills of softball (i.e., pitching, catching, running, fielding, and more).

Players are assessed at the beginning of the season to balance teams and ensure girls are playing with their peers. Coaches then work with each player to identify the skills that need to developed and to teach players how to work together as a team.

Whether girls are just starting out, or are in the Select program, or playing for the Rep League, the OGSA oversees all softball activities and strives to make every player’s experience the best it can be.

This How to Play section includes the Rules of Play for the different divisions, as well as the Code of Conduct that every player, coach and parent must follow. In addition, this section explains the equipment that is mandatory or optional to ensure the safety and protection for every player.

If you have any questions about the Rules of Play, the Code of Conduct or the Required Equipment, please contact us.