Learn To Play

Specifically designed for all players in the Blastball and Tyke age groups, the Learn to Play teaching method is a fun and enjoyable way of introducing the sport of Softball to children.

Activities encourage the involvement of all players, including players with high and low skill levels. Parents are also a very important part of the program and get involved in practices and games.

Learn to Play (LTP) is a variation the old game of T-Ball and is designed to develop the players’ individual softball skills and build self confidence. The following chart compares the characteristics of the traditional game of T-Ball with LTP:

T-Ball Characteristics:
  • Competition is the emphasis
  • Low number of repetitions of skills
  • Less skilled players receive little opportunity to improve
  • More aggressive/skilled players dominate game
  • Players are standing in the field leading to boredom and low activity
  • Volunteer coaches are given no direction or resources
Learn to Play Characteristics:
  • FUN is the emphasis
  • High number of repetitions of skills
  • Progressions to suit the skill level of the player
  • Drills that offer a high success rate for every child
  • Action packed lesson plans leading to high activity for players
  • Volunteer coaches are given prepared lesson plans with easy to follow instructions and progressions for teaching basic skills

Learn to Play is based on the proven system developed by Softball Canada, with a simple “game” element to make it even more enjoyable for all players, but without the pressure of scoring.

How to Play

Blastball: games and practices are combined into a single event of 30 minutes of activities and instruction to enhance the skills of the players followed by a 30 minute game of Blastball that uses a T‐Ball stand (to make hitting easier), no outfield and only uses first base.

Tyke: games and practices are combined into a single event of 45 minutes of activities and instruction to enhance the skills of the players followed by a 45 minute game of T‐Ball that progressively evolves into Coach pitching and even player pitching, more bases and more advanced skills.

The first part of the evening allows maximum opportunity for repetitions and improvements. The second part of the evening introduces the concept of competition.

The success of LTP depends on your help and support. Parents act as coaches, and in each session, we ask parents to help coaches run activities and provide feedback to ensure players get the attention they need.

It is NOT necessary to be knowledgeable about Softball. All you need is a SMILE and ENTHUSIASM. We provide prepared lesson plans, easy to follow instructions, progressions for teaching basic skills, and lead up games designed to simulate the real game of Softball. You can read the Rules of Play in our How to Play section.

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Activity Books

Download the following activity books that includes softball instructions, games and colouring pages.

 Blastball Activity Booklet

 Tyke Activity Booklet