Select Coaches

The Oakville Girls Softball Association (OGSA) provides All-Star Selection teams (Mite through to Midget divisions) and is actively involved with recruiting, developing and promoting coaches from within our association.

Become a Coach

If you are interested in coaching on an elevated plane, and working with athletes who aspire to compete at a higher level, the OGSA has a development program that would interest you.

The Select program is about learning to compete at a higher level. Select coaches therefore aspire to a heightened competition level and possess the aptitude to engage their athletes to succeed beyond a basic participation level. Select coaches are open-minded about varying degrees of player performance with a capacity for motivating players and stewarding young people through competitive sport.

The OGSA provides extensive in-house and professional training development for coaches who will continue to engage in self-development opportunities to further enhance their ability to train Softball players and evolve their own comprehension of the game, better equipping themselves and their teams to perform at a competitive competency.

Apply Online

To become a Select Coach, complete our short online application.
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For more information, please contact the Vice President of Select Softball